Academia & Media: Dr. HermanSJr.'s expertise in Academia & Media

Dr. HermanSJr. has been featured on over 25 media platforms & continues to be featured on media platforms across countries, cultures, industries & languages as the sought-after global expert on resetting minds.

He has been published as the author of "A Hero Lost, A Legend Born" in Harvard University Hutchins Center's Transition Magazine, Issue 124, October 2017.

Dr. HermanSJr. has & continues to study, teach & write on the trove of sciences which, when mixed properly, create a powerful catalyst to reset your mind so to guide you in the most effective direction & manner to maximize your performance in all arenas of life. Whatsmore, Dr. HermanSJr.'s training based on this blend of fields/sciences under the principles of Interconnectivity help ensure your mindset resetting is self-perpetuating so your continual improvement is lifelong.

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